Congratulations to the newly-elected members of the 2017-19 Board of Directors! We are all confident the new board will have a great deal to offer in directing the future growth of our association. We would also like to welcome a few new board members, along with the returning members will assume the important roles for the next two years.

 RCCA would also like to thank Susana Nie, who has been a key contributor to the organization as our treasurer for the last two terms.

The 2017-2019 Board of Directors:

President:  Guili Liu

Vice President:   Joe Wu

Treasurer: Lavinia Tam

Secretary: Shelly Zhao

Communications: Lisa Fan

Project Manager: Shan Chen

Membership: Joann Xie         

Public Relations: Raymond Chan

Event Coordinator: Charlene Liu     

Event Coordinator and Youth Relations: Irene He    

Wellness Activities: Meggie Su     

Chinese New Year Celebration 2017



More Photos

Canada Day Celebration 2016

The Chinese Booth at the Regina Canada Day Culture Village 2016 was a great success!  

We displayed Chinese Culture in many different ways including souvenirs, name translation,

live drawing and calligraphy, displaying books and other decorations,

also live Hulusi (葫芦丝) performance and Chinese Costumes by the participants.

A big thank you to all the volunteers!



 Photos by Guili


Photos from Previous Chinese Pavilion at Mosaic


2016 Mosaic Photos


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Photos from Previous Chinese New Year Celebrations:

Chinese New Year 2016

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Chinese New Year 2013

More 2013 New Year photos by Confucius Institute at he University of Regina

Chinese New Year 2012

Mosaic 2010

The following programs of the 2013 New Year celebration can be watched on YouTube:

Slide Show 2013

Lion Dance 2013

Martial Arts Demo 2013

U of R Chinese Students 2013

Folk Dance part 1 (2013)

Folk Dance part 2 (2013)