RCCA Mid-Autumn Celebration Party

快快乐乐过中秋,欢欢喜喜团圆节, 和和美美共赏月,开开心心品月饼。







日期 (Date)   :  Friday, September 21, 2018 (二零一八年九月二十一, 星期)

地點 (Place) :   Rose Garden Restaurant, 2037 Park Street, Regina, SK S4N 6S2  (Tel: 306 525-3988)

時間 (Time)  :   5:30 p.m.

門票 (Tickets):  Adults $21, Children 12 and under  $10.

                           成人二十一元 , 小童 (十二歲或以下) 元。


If you plan to attend, please telephone or e-mail any of our board directors before Sept. 18th:

如計劃參加 在九月十八致電 以下 任何 可:                                 


Guili Liu               306 586-1051       guili.liu@gmail.com     

Joe Wu                306 789-5880        joekcwu@gmail.com     

Lavinia Tam        306 789-3836        ktam@accesscomm.ca    

Shelly Zhao         306 205-3381       shelly.x.zhao@gmail.com  

Raymond Chan   306 586-1512       raymondachan71@hotmail.com

Ya Juan Xie         306 533-1230       yajuan0214@hotmail.com                       

Zuo Ning Liu        639 571-2980       zuoningl@gmail.com

Xiao Ling He        306 545-6406       ireneh214@yahoo.ca

Lisa Fan               306 585-3812        lifan3128@gmail.com     

Shan Chen           306 550-8258       shine_545@hotmail.com  

Maggie Su           306 551-4484       maggiesu@myaccess.ca


(Note: Only those members who have confirmed their attendance before Sept.18th and been in good standing will get a gift bag). Please contact any of our board directors soon. We need to know the number of people attending to order the moon cakes and notify the restaurant for attendance. If you haven't paid the membership fee for 2018, you can make the payment at the event.


Hope to see you all at the party!